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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Live Republic Day Parade 2011 - Indian Republic Day Celebrations

Watch live republic day parade of Indian republic day 2011 celebrations from New Delhi.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Truly Amazing Art on - Human Heads

I find 'Human Face Art' (or rather Head Art) truly amazing. These 'pieces' must have taken hours to create. You could call it weird or extreme but it sure caught my eye and it's definitely artistic, don't you think?

/ Viggo Andersen

Sal the Cat summoned for jury service... and court rules he 'must attend'

During the Middle Ages animals were often hauled into court to be put on trial, but even then...none were expected to serve jury duty. Maybe this is called

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A pet cat has been summoned for jury duty - and has been told by courts he 'must attend'

Despite owner Anna Esposito's protestations that a mistake has been made, a jury commissioner has ruled that Sal must attend the court.

She wrote that Sal was 'unable to speak and understand English' - and included a letter from her vet saying that the animal was a 'domestic short-haired neutered feline'.

Now scroll down to see the video

Not guilty, your honour: Sal has been summoned for jury duty from March 23 - and his owner has been told he is not exempt from serving

Not guilty, your honour: Sal has been summoned for jury duty from March 23 - and his owner has been told he is not exempt from serving


The Frozen Light House

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The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse on Lake
Eerie was turned into an incredible natural work of art thanks to high
waves and freezing temperatures in December of 2010.

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Online Business Promotion That Works: SEO, Copywriting and Social Media

The fact that people use SEO copywriting services really isn’t earth shattering news. How each business uses those services and/or tools is really up to the business owner. What it boils down to is how these services affect your business.

Do you know where your next dollar is coming from? Have you been blogging and networking, only to see you’re still in the same place you were a year ago? Have you spent hundreds of dollars and tons of hours, only to see minimal ROI?

Search or Social Media?

Many business owners think they have to choose – like SEO and social media are enemies and can’t coexist in the same marketing strategy. Well, they can, they do, and they play well together.

The SEO is what you use for your search results. The social media is what you use to develop trust. When your community searches for you in the SERPs, they’ll automatically feel a sense of connection when your results come up.

Promote Your Business in Social Networks

  • Target the right networks. What are the right networks? For us, Facebook, Twitter and blogging worked, giving us a 65% jump in our site traffic. For you, it may be Biznik, Twitter and Tumblr.
  • Test – Facebook, Twitter and blogging for a few months. Find out if you get the same results as we did. If not, replace the process bringing the lowest amount of traffic with another network, and so on. Keep testing until you find what works best for you!
  • Check Google Analytics and other data trackers to see what people read on our site. We pay attention to which articles get the most traffic, comments, etc. We use this data to provide (hopefully) more targeted information to our readers.
Optimize your site for search engines

What does this mean, exactly?

  • Make sure your most important terms can be found in your tags.
  • Make sure your title tag has relevant, strong, clickable content. This will, without a doubt, shape what you rank for, as well as your click through rate.
  • Make sure you use your most important term at the beginning of your title tags. Try writing your titles like newspaper ads: short and sweet, with each character jumping out at your reader. Save the creative hoopla for your description tag.

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